Feb 29, 2012

Time Tracking Solutions: Toggl

Had a look at a few time tracking solutions. It's easy to loose the overview of how much time you spent on a project if you work on a lot of different projects at the same time. So, I did search for a good solution that fits me. The few requirements I had where as follows:
  • very easy to use (else I won't use it for long)
  • cloud/server based (as I want to use/access the same data on all devices I use)
  • multi-platform (I use Windows, Android and Linux daily. WP7 would be a nice bonus)
  • decent overview of time spent on projects (graphical analysis of some sort)
  • free (for personal use. As I only use it privately. Very cheap would be acceptable but I rather go for free in this case)
My choice fall onto Toggl. Mostly they do everything over a website. Their platform apps (Win, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS) are basically a container displaying the website. As the website is very well done this does work well as long as you have internet access. I'm not sure how far they use HTML5 to make it possible to use it while not having access to the internet. As having internet is usually not a problem for me I don't care too much about that.

I think Toggl is a really neat time tracking solution for projects. It's very simple and has a nice structure. Tagging tasks is a neat bonus I don't really use but still nice to have just in case. I'm curious how long I'll keep using this ...