Dec 1, 2011

Testplayed SWTOR!

So have been part of the recent testing weekend of SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic). Was a lot of fun and I'm considering buying it. Some first impressions:

  • very WoW (World of Warcraft) like (most stuff works very much like in WoW). In my opinion this actually is a very good thing. They took the right things out of WoW and improved lots of problematic parts.
  • like the different way conversations with NPCs work (especially in a group, except the waiting)
  • the graphic engine still seems to have a lots of problems (triangles flickering, lots of things not visible from one angle but there from an other). Maybe it's my ATI card? Newest drivers from Nov. are installed.
  • the companion is a great thing to have! really enjoyed that feature especially as I played a healer.
  • I enjoyed the Star Wars universe more than expected (originally I planned to rather play Guild Wars 2 instead, not sure anymore)
  • I fear that they may made it too simple to be a longtime motivating game (WoW is getting more and more there). Problem is that then only new content counts as skill is not required.
  • ship battles are a fun change to the usual gameplay.
  • moving around is so time consuming with all the big space stations and cities. Even faster movement in later levels doesn't help much but is a good improvement. Why are most rooms so big and corridors so long! I just wanna get my stuff done, not run around for ages.
  • the game is one hell of a long (=big 25+GB) download.
  • got stuck a lot on some maps (hat to kill myself to get free from it). And that for no apparent reason on plain surfaces. (especially on Taris, not so much in city like areas).
  • if you check a new item if its better than what you have on its well done. But if you want to compare it with your companions stuff its hard. Both should be displayed side by side if the companion is active.
I hope they will fix a few of the problems will launch day. But I think it's already a very good start. Especially the graphical problems where very annoying and sometimes caused headache on my side. Sometimes stuff flickers like crazy.

In three days I managed to reach level 20 with one character and level 8 with an other one. Hope to do that again soon.

And where is the Linux Version!!! .. that would be awesome =)