Jun 29, 2011

Google+ Design

The Google+ project: real life sharing, rethought for the web.

This looks very promising. Sadly I don't have any access to it at the moment. The only thing that I notice is the nice design that's slowly coming out. The Google Search page looks very very nice now. I like the new Top Bar a lot more than the old one.

I just wish Google would integrate things more into Blogger. This would have been nice with Buzz but didn't really happen there. It should be made easy to create a new Blogger post from something in your Feed. Also I would love to see a way to post a daily/weekly/monthly summary on Blogger from Buzz/Twitter/.. At least Chrome has a nice extension to create a post from what ever website you are on. I would rather like this to be more like on Facebook when you post a link into the stream. It would make this look so much nicer. I'm still hoping that this will happen one day.