May 6, 2011

How To Definitely Fix Skype Audio Distortion

I posted about my (failed) attempt to fix the Skype audio problem I am experiencing on my main machine. A nice commenter posted a link with a working solution. I republish this here so its preserved for all time (or at least till I need it again):

In home directory create a blank file name it .asoundrc, and paste it as follows {
type plug
slave {
# normal ALC883
pcm "hw:0,0"
# skype wants 24 kHz recording input,
# but ALC883 doesn’t support that.
# do a rate conversion on the fly.
rate 48000

Restart Skype!! Solution worked in Ubuntu 10.10

Source: Distortion of sound in Skype 2.2

After a restart this did work fine on my Ubuntu 11.04 with Skype Glad that this is now resolved as it's been an annoying problem.

UPDATE: With the new Skype I do not need this anymore. It even causes problems if its still there. I just deleted the file and now Skype only has some distortion on start. After its started everything sounds like it should.