Mar 27, 2011

Why we don’t hire .NET programmers

CEO Friday: Why we don’t hire .NET programmers « Expensify Blog

very interesting point of view. "As someone who grew up using and ultimately becoming frustrated with the limitations of Microsoft tools, .." I can highly relate to that fact :). Well but the basic is always the same, choose the right tools for the task. The wrong thing to do is choosing .NET because thats what you already know. There are just many other great tools out there ..

Mar 23, 2011

Android app millionaires

Meet the Android app millionaires | Electricpig

interesting, I know all these software titles. They are good so it's good to see they also make money.

Mar 22, 2011

"Microsoft Has Become A Joke"

Drunk On Licensing Fees And Patents, Microsoft Has Become A Joke

A bit hard on MS but still a lot seems to be true. The business model just is outdated nowadays. But I guess it will still take years for MS to understand how wrong they are. With all the failed opportunities they had in the last 10 years or so. And those few success stories that where only possible by pushing hard with lots of cash. I'm not sure if when MS realizes how wrong they are that it's not already too late. Similar to Nokia, they realized that years too late as well.

Mar 18, 2011

Avoid Idea Plateaus

Scott Belsky on How to Avoid Idea Plateaus | Brain Pickings

Wow! Thats so true from my experience and I already try to do something against this.

Good idea: DEX

DEX: Debian and its derivatives, getting things done together « We'll see | Matt Zimmerman

I like that. There are a lot of different neat things in various derived projects. Ubuntu creates a lot of new things especially on the UI side (at least thats what I see from blog posts on the planet). So seeing all those changes go back to the root project is great. It's Open Source, as many people as possible should benefit from improvements made by individuals. There is no reason to duplicate effort here.

HTC phones are great

HTC make nice phones and use Ubuntu

HTC has the best phones since years. If you want an Android phone I can only recommend phones from HTC. The work great and SenseUI is awesome. I already have my second HTC phone and my next phone will be an HTC as well. So it's also nice to see that some people at HTC use Ubuntu. As a long time Ubuntu user I definitely like that.

Mar 10, 2011

Mar 1, 2011

Gnome 3 no ‘max’ & ‘min’ buttons

Gnome 3 removes ‘max’ and ‘min’ window controls – but why?

I welcome this change. I can totally understand the reasoning behind this change for Gnome 3's Shell. The linked posts are worth a read. I'm sure there are people disliking this as it is a very basic change of something that has been there for a long time. But there are nowadays just better, more intuitive ways to change the window size. And minimizing doesn't make much sense the way Gnome Shell works.

I'm still waiting for the Ubuntu button change to get justified.