Sep 14, 2010

Ubuntu, Canonical and motivations

Mark Shuttleworth - Reflections on Ubuntu, Canonical and the march to free software adoption

very insightful post. Totally true in my opinion as an outsider from Ubuntu/Canonical. I'm just a regular user of Ubuntu and thats just what I see Canonical and the Ubuntu Community do every day. And I love it! Hope they continue for a long long time with that.

Best Part of the long post:
When Ubuntu was conceived, the Linux ecosystem was in a sense fully formed. We had a kernel. We had GNOME and KDE. We had X and libc and GCC and all the other familiar tools. Sure they had bugs and they had shortcomings and they had roadmaps to address them. But there was something missing: sometimes it got articulated as “marketing”, sometimes as “end-user focus”. I remember thinking “that’s what I could bring”. So Ubuntu, and Canonical, have quite explicitly NOT put effort into things which are obviously working quite well, instead, we’ve tried to focus on new ideas and new tools and new components.