Sep 9, 2010

Debunking the 1% Myth

Debunking the 1% Myth - O'Reilly Broadcast

nicely put together. Not much new for me, but basicly what I think about the market share. I would put linux as well on about 8-10% share. Mac slightly more ..

I did start to think about "actual usage" a bit somewhere around january of this year. I came to the same conclusion as noted ini this articel. On bigger tracking websites linux market share is usually somewhere around 0.5-2%. And back then I suspected that this just can't be true. I know too many people using linux and the linux world just is too big for that.

The only thing I didn't know from this webstat tracking sites is which sites they take the data from. So I came to the conclusion that it's likely they use a lot of sites that favor windows users. A extreme example would be if they would take data from, and sites like that. These sites have a lot of traffic but of course almost only from windows users (which may run a dual boot system). There just is no reason to go to these sites if you are on linux as they don't offer linux software or any help on linux.