Aug 28, 2010

Good&Bad: Commercial Stuff & Linux

There are a few "new" commercial linux things I wanna point out. They aren't really new but I feel like we are at the start of something here. First hardware with linux preinstalled.

There is system76. They seem to have great systems. Biggest problem there is that they don't ship internationally. I would have bought one years ago if they would. Instead, I had to buy a Dell netbook with Windows on it. Never once booted it up, installed Ubuntu right from the start. Worked very well so far. Back then system76 had laptops with the Ubuntu logo on them, now they only seem to have laptops with their logo. It's a shame, would have loved one with an Ubuntu logo on it.

Even better seems ZaReason and what they offer. I would love to get a Hoverboard X30. In my opinion they should spend a little more money on design. I don't think they look bad, but they could look a bit more shiny. Oh and before I forget about it. The "Open Hardware Warranty" is great, just what I want to have and one of the reasons why I put my desktop PCs together myself.

There are others as well but these two stood out to me. Remember that you can get a linux PC from Dell as well. I am very satisfied with my current Dell netbook. Did come with Windows but works well with Ubuntu so far. Just the WiFi N card (did cost me extra) needs a driver installed. Which tells me to never ever buy anything from Broadcom.

On the commercial Software side there is finally a well looking site that shows you what you can get for linux. The site is LinApp and looks very nice. They have a few great games. And a lot of other software I didn't know existed. In my opinion this is one major reason that linux isn't used (and supported by software companies) more often. There just hasn't been a good place to find quality software. I hope LinApp can fill that gap ...