Jul 4, 2010

OMG! Ubuntu is great!

I really like reading OMG! Ubuntu. The information there is great and I wouldn't know about a lot of fancy new things without them. I read a lot of interesting sites about gandgets, geekdom and other nerdy topic related sites/planet feeds. But it has been a long time since I found a site that I like as much as OMG Ubuntu. Its new Ubuntu stuff for the enduser. Far better then what I've found on the Ubuntu/Gnome planet feeds. And by far better I mean easier to use for an enduser. Most of the time its very simple to get the stuff running on your own Ubuntu machine.

I still doubt that a novice user would get everything on that site to work (or that he even should). Sometimes the terminal is still needed. But for a technically interested user its doable. A lot of bloggers/sites just do this wrong. They require their users to have knowledge that they usually don't. Cmdline should be avoided at any cost if you want normal users to try what you post on your blog. E.g: some write a terminal apt-get install line. That can be done over a single click link as well. Of course you need to click on that link from your Ubuntu install but thats what people usually do if they try something new.

I think there's a lot of cmdline out there that could easily be avoided. This makes it look fare more complex to install a simple software on Ubuntu than it actually is. And yes, I know cmdline isn't hard, its just that most normal users aren't used to it. This makes it look hard for them (if it really is or not doesn't matter, most of the time they aren't going to even try). Hope that this changes soon ...