Jun 4, 2010

Currently annoying things

Things that I'm annoyed at:

* Software Patents. As log as they exist innovation and the evolution of all our software is slowed down and in some cases even destroyed. Of course the ones with the biggest problems are small companies closely followed by open source projects. They have no chance against a patent giant. The video-codec mess comes to mind, or exFAT on SDXC cards.

* Browser wars. They are sooo 1990. People need to inform themselves more, no one would use IE 7- anymore. I have still hopes but people tend to be soo lazy. HTML5 at least seems to move fast everywhere except IE of course. If you use Opera/Firefox/Chrome or Safari just makes no big difference as it should be the case. Who cares what you use as long as it works fast and looks the same everywhere.

* State of music/movies. I wanna buy music, but I'm not gonna do that with the current system. It just sucks, its too complicated. Not to start with how expensive it is to buy something. I have hopes that they manage to at least get into the evolving cloud stuff. My music everywhere, that's great. If they would start to make it really cheap to buy a song people would get crazy for that. They need to make it so cheap that the gain of illegally downloading a song is just too small. I mean why should I use my time to search for a illegal copy if I can just pay 10 cent and have the song without any work involved besides searching for it on a internet platform.

* Hardware vendors which try to be software companies. Means they make closed source drivers and do a horrible job at that. Creative comes to mind ..

* Ruby. Great language, but why is everyone using python these days? Python makes so ugly code compared the the freedom you have in Ruby. I would any day choose ruby over python if the language is the only deciding point. Also, I couldn't use python in any big project. Its just too hard to maintain. Too much work on keeping the code clean. Don't get me wrong, python is great but ruby is just better so why not choose the better language?

* Android fragmentation. Fragmentation is a natural thing in Software and only a very small problem. There is only one platform which keeps fragmentation small that's Apple and its iPhone/iPad. But that's all explained very simple: Apple tells you what you can use and have, not you. You buy an Apple product and Apple decides what you do with it no one else. With Android (and other systems like WinMo) you (and the companies using it on their devices) have the freedom. I have Android 2.1 on ma HTC Hero, no problem just a bit of following instructions. HTC will soon release a official 2.1 for Hero. You just can't do that with an Apple product without a lot of work.