Dec 25, 2009

Programmers salary problems ..

Why programmers are not paid in proportion to their productivity — The Endeavour

I like that view :) ... mostly what I think and experienced so far.

So be aware if a programmer leaves your company after a "short" (would say 1 year) time it's likely because his skill is greater than the skill of your other coders. I've worked with bad coders and it's very frustrating if you have to explain obvious simple concepts again and again.

It's hard to notice these things as they usually will never state that they are frustrated because of the skill of other coders at the company. Especially team managers should always have an eye on that one ... I think regular personal talks can help there.

Dec 13, 2009

Status Update ...

Still a lot to do in the new flat. The kitchen is about the only room thats nearly finished. Bought a Ikea shelf but as I unpacked it I saw that it was damaged already :(. Need to bring it back but without a car it's a little complicated. One of my sisters mentioned that she wanna visit me before Xmas so maybe I have luck and she drives me to Ikea.

Xmas is also nearing and with it the pressure to buy stuff no one needs. I still haven't bought anything besides stuff for myself recently like a new computer :). But I need to start soon or I'll run out of time as in any other year. Always the same with me ;). I hope I find a few good things this year and don't have to buy the usual Wine, Chocolate and stuff like that.

The only thing that makes me really sad is that I can't code anything recently. My webpages would desperately need some love. FengGUI needs a new release. Just no time left for it. I hope that I'll be able to spend more time coding starting with January. But stuff like that you can never know. I really miss it already. Lets hope and see ...

Dec 2, 2009

Moving to the new flat

The last week I did move to the new flat. Finally a bigger room for myself and my old/new flatmates. Its a very nice and quiet flat. Just around the corner there is a big shopping street. Everything you wanna buy within 5 minutes walk time is so nice :). Especially if you don't own a car! Metro station around the corner as well as other public transport infrastructure near by. All very nice ..

Only really bad thing is that it now takes me 30+ minutes to get to work. Instead of the 10 minute walk I'm used to. Also its a little disappointing that in this part of Vienna there isn't much to go out besides a few bars. Everything I'm used to in Vienna is at the other side of town. So no walking home anymore late at night :(. Well I guess I'm getting used to it soon ...